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Author’s Note


Making an appearance on earth, which is rotating on its axis around the Sun, one of countless stars in our galaxy, amongst countless galaxies in our universe, leaves me to wonder why and for what reason do I exist. Here we are, catapulting through space at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour, coming from somewhere and hurling seemingly unhurriedly on a not so obvious path to destination, speculation.

Geniuses of all races, religions and cultures, from the past to the present, that has prognosticated human's purpose while taking a ride on planet earth's mission, has to eventually hand off the baton of continuance and acquired knowledge earned during their lifetimes, to the future generations of humankind, never in living able to truly comprehend life's reason for physical existence.

For the purpose of this work, I must instill in the reader's psyche that once we're born, we're going to die. It is important and necessary to remind ourselves of this unchangeable outcome as we move along. Between birth and death, is LIFE. How we lived and the contributions we make, is our legacy. Life in its various differences and forms is doled out in a pecking order where the strongest of all the species, in reality, commandeers leadership in all aspects, thus getting the lion's share of everything that the earth has to offer.

A school of fish gobbles up the larvae to be devoured by giant whales. The bird that fed on the worms to satisfy its hunger, relaxes its guard and was snatched by the stealthy python that got crushed by the jaws of a mighty alligator, which was hunted, and killed for food and raw materials, benefiting the wisest of the species that occupies the living, mankind.

Equality amongst the different races, has long been nonexistent. Take a stock from the most powerful people, currently the Europeans. They control most of the landmass and possess the power to take the leadership role above all, in every endeavor that occurs on earth. Since they first realized that unity amongst their race gave them strength and power, they have used more force, brains and ingenuity, to garner the lion’s share of what the world has to offer. These traits are evident in the human and animal species alike, where the weaker is usually devoured by the stronger and survival of the most aggressive is maintained.  

The race of people that uses every means at their disposal to dominate others, including violence, keeps themselves on top of the food chain to benefit their future generations. They created a set blueprint to maintain their advantage, when they are handed the baton of continuance by their ancestors. On my earthly mission, living and its purpose has not yet revealed its true meaning. Since no mortal has ever returned with a charted path and correct approach to life's future journey, it leads me to wonder about my existence and what should be my personal contribution towards life. From rationalizing my situation and analyzing my standings amongst all human-beings, first it must be to uplift my race and benefit mankind simultaneously.

When I look up in the night skies, I'm in awe and amazement at the astronomical number of stars and galaxies, which brings me to wonder about the grand scheme of things. My parents brought me along from somewhere to this side of living; Could it be that we were selected to be born at a certain time by advanced forces, from whom or what we received, from somewhere or something, a gift awarded in the form of life, for contributions we've already made in some order? 

As intricate beings in this universe, consciousness that can't die but changes life-forms and continues to exist according to how we conduct our present lives; Could it be that our soul is on a journey similar and parallel to earth's journey? Is life then just a mere stopover on earth, to be continued in another realm?

This is where people’s thoughts and philosophies differ. Some people beliefs are that they will live forever if they follow a certain religion and that good or bad living amongst fellow humans, correlates with their future existence in heaven or hell. Others believe in reincarnation, living many different lives through time. Furthermore, some believe that they can do whatever atrocities they please, and then die into nothingness, without consequences.

With such a simplistic outlook, life would be pointless. It has been proved time and again that for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Nevertheless, the reasons for living and the afterlife remains a mystery. People are born on earth, spend less than a hundred rotations going around the Sun, then our time is up; What did we accomplish during our lifespan? Now we're transitioned, as everyone before us has and everyone after us will; Is that it? Did we serve others, or was life just an end to begin? Why was living necessary?





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The United States of America is the greatest country on earth, consisting or three hundred and twenty million people, of which forty millions are African American and others totaling about forty percent, makes up the minority's population. People from everywhere immigrates to the melting pot, seeking a better quality of life.

All races are represented in this country and it is the standards to which greatness is measured. Governing so many races and cultures under one umbrella is a complex task and no country does it better. Opportunities are abound and as long as you are ambitious, almost everyone can be successful.

Black people in the western hemisphere are the descendants of slaves and to this point in time, 2015 to be exact, are caught up in limbo. There are no clear directions laid out for the descendants of the enslaved and respect from all the various races, religions and cultures is tenuous. How does Black people build a blueprint of change for the betterment of self for generations to come?

In as much as the government of this great nation has laws in place that governs majorities and minorities alike, the day to day living alongside each other, proves that equality will take as long as slavery lasted to be achieved. Equal rights works, except for the people of African ancestry, who are treated much more harshly and are often prejudged by law enforcement. There are obvious differences in dealing with the ex-enslaved population and second class treatment is systematic, self-evident and quite easily proved.

Looking from a minority's perspective, equality should never be the only goal to strive for in the western hemisphere. The present state of relations between the descendants of the slave-masters and colonizers of the continent of Africa, with the descendants of slaves and the ex-colonized Black people of Sub-Saharan Africa, equality is difficult to achieve. Africans are viewed as being beneath the world stage's standards and are presently mired in a state of subservience. The laws and rules that the masses live by, does not apply equally to Black people in the western hemisphere, or anywhere in the world, as a matter of fact.

Human rights are meant to be applied equally amongst all races, colors and creeds, so there must be some unwritten clause somewhere, which states that Africans must be treated with less respect than others in the population. Don't dare to step off the narrow track that you are afforded, then the uneven distribution of the law soon follow. It is widely known that the people, lands and dealings of Sub-Saharan Africa, are hidden from the population in the western hemisphere and are kept in reserved, only to be used to make the other races of the world better.

Take a look at the Europeans, they have a long history of prosperity working together. Whether they like each other or not, they collaborate, strengthen, build, support, employ, respect and regardless of whatever problems or strife they may have had, or even if they are working to resolve present issues, white people LOVE each other. They make sure that all European countries issues are thoroughly addressed, as they should, before they help out any causes or issues of the other races, especially people and countries of African origin. This proves that the historical successes of the Europeans were achieved and maintained by a race first mentality, making them the leaders in all aspects of the world.

They are some of the greatest scientists, inventors, engineers, leaders in medicine and many more accolades and necessities are accredited to their race through history. A people that must be proud of the incredible accomplishments that their forefathers achieved historically to present, so awesome and numerous, even I'm proud of their great achievements as an African American. Anywhere in the world where there are Europeans, you see richness.

 I marvel at the grandeur of their great displays of architecture, their enormous wealth to afford the best military on earth, space exploration, their abilities to extract rich gems and minerals from the earth, because they know what to do with them. All these greatness and achievements are attributed to their race. These feats of brilliance, enhances the pride in which generation after generation of their lineage, revel in and preserve their fore-parents legacies for the continued dominance of their race. 


This is about the whole scope of the world and how the descendants of the enslaved living in the western hemisphere, fits into the whole complexity. Life is not far removed from the standards of the enslaved past and contributions to uplift the standings of my race, are not accredited or recognized by the larger society.

All human are born exactly the same on the inside, possessing the same intricacies and abilities to be the most dominant specie, but for unknown reasons, our outward appearances evolved with distinct differences. This defines the races and it is obvious that there is a set pecking order. The race that remains most unified, acquires most of what the world has to offer and controls the majority of the land, without question is the European race.

Also mention are the Chinese people, they have also built their standings to respectability. The Jewish people are unified, have a strong history and foundation, while other race's aspirations are projected upward. It is necessary to improve on the present condition of the African race. Addressing the causes to our problems and devise solutions to bolster our psyches, will reposition our standings that we inherited.

Uplifting Africa is a monumental task. To tackle such a difficult assignment and get results, we must truthfully state facts about the involvement of other races. We are presently dependent on others for sustenance, unable to garner any pride through our achievements and gets very little respect on the world stage. Also we are unable to shore up the foundation, patch our canopy and stop the bleeding of our intentionally damaged race, as success comes from self-sufficiency. Productivity of necessities, while having themselves as costumers, is the foundation of their successes and Black people attentively takes lesson.